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Tadacip (tadalafil) is a representative of ED medications used for combatting erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil does its utmost to cause a healthy erection due to a number of chemical reactions. Consult your doctor about how to properly use the medicine.

What Is Tadacip?

Generic Tadacip is an ED drug used for restoring erectile function. The preparation is an analogue of Cialis with the same active substance – tadalafil. When taken orally, Generic tadalafil is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream causing certain smooth muscles to relax. As a result, a man regains a stable and healthy erection peculiar to an average man. After sexual intercourse is over, it is possible to have more sexual intercourse later since the effect may last for up to 40 hours. However, you should always keep in mind that the medicine won’t work unless sexual stimulation occurs.
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Before You Start Treatment with Tadacip

Prior to buying Tadacip online, it is necessary to make sure that you can safely take the medicine. This is impossible without visiting your doctor. It is only your doctor who can permit you to buy tadalafilfor treatment purposes.
At your doctor’s office, you will be asked a number of questions as to your past and current condition. It is important to give definite and reliable answers to the question: “What illnesses or conditions do you have? (did you have?)”, because certain disorders and diseases may represent strict contraindications. Here is the list of such conditions:
• heart problems, in particular, a history of heart coronary disease, heart failure, heart attack;
• arrhythmia;
• increased or decreased arterial pressure;
• stomach ulcers;
• blood issues such as sickle cell anemia, etc.;
• diabetes;
• a history of liver or kidney failure;
• physical penile deformities.
Based on the information you provided, your doctor will or will not give you a Tadacip prescription with such important details as dosage, schedule, and personal recommendations.

It is strongly recommended that you don’t use any nitrate or nitrite preparations concurrently with Tadacip. Active substances of these medicines significantly affect blood pressure, which may be dangerous for health. Remember this before you buy tadalafil online. When at your doctor’s office, ask your doctor about other harmful drug interactions you should avoid.

Recommendations about Tadacip Usage
Before purchasing tadalafil online, it is advisable that you explore the following usage guidelines you should adhere to during treatment.
1. The recommended dose for an average man is 20 mg. See your prescription note.
2. Take a pill no more than once a day. Starting from the moment of Tadacip administration, the next dose can be taken only in 24 hours.
3. Tadacip will not show any effect unless genital area is sexually stimulated.
4. When taking Tadacip, you shouldn’t drink alcohol, or grapefruit juice, or smoke tobacco.
Bear in mind these recommendations before you order Tadacip online.

Tadacip Side Effects

Before you buy Generic Tadacip 20 mg, it is worth looking through the list of possible side effects that can be classified as severe and mild.
Severe side effects may include the following serious symptoms that require you to stop treatment and seek emergency medical attention at once:
• such allergic signs as hives, skin rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing;
• priapism – a prolonged and often painful erection;
• sudden hearing or vision loss;
• heart problems (irregular heartbeat);
• light-headedness;
• convulsions;
• pain in chest.
Mild side effects are quite common and may include the following unserious symptoms that don’t require immediate medical assistance:
• such cold symptoms as cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc.;
• mild headache;
• backache, pain in muscles;
• redness of face.

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