Buy Lexapro Online Now to Regain Serenity of Mind


Buy Lexapro Now

Seeking a way to get rid of unpleasant sad thoughts you are obsessed with? Lexapro is an antidepressant that will help you regain the serenity of mind. Its active substance escitalopram has a soothing effect and will never leave you upset.

Lexapro Indications

Generic Lexapro includes escitalopram as its active substance that restores the balance of certain brain chemicals able to cause anxiety or depression. Generic escitalopram is a representative of a category of drugs called SSRIs in abbreviated form standing for serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Generic for Lexapro is indicated in adults with anxiety or in adults and adolescents under 12 with major depressive disorder.

When You Should Not Take Lexapro

Lexapro shouldn’t be taken by people who:
• suffer from an allergic reaction to escitalopram or citalopram;
• take pimozide;
• have recently (in the past two weeks) taken any MAO inhibitor;
• are being treated with methylene blue injected intravenously.
The list of MAOIs you should avoid during the treatment with Lexapro is presented below:
• linezolid;
• isocarboxazid;
• rasagiline;
• tranylcypromine;
• phenelzine.
You can proceed to take a MAOI after a lapse of 14 days starting from the day when you stopped taking Lexapro.
Before you order Lexapro from our Lexapro online pharmacy, you should consider all the above-mentioned precautions.

What You Should Tell Your Doctor

Before you order Lexapro online, you should go to your doctor to get a Lexapro prescription and make sure that escitalopram presents no risks for your health. First of all, there should be a list of current illnesses for your doctor to take into consideration, especially if you have any of the following:
• liver or/and kidney issues;
• heart problems;
• diabetes;
• epilepsy;
• manic depression.
You should also tell a medical specialist if you have a history of suicidal thoughts or drug abuse before you buy Lexapro online.
Taken for the first time by young people, Lexapro may bring on suicidal thoughts and changes in behavior. A patient’s condition should therefore be carefully monitored by the doctor throughout the period of time when the person is taking Lexapro. Family members should also tell the doctor about any changes in the patient’s mood or behavior.
You should keep all this in mind before you buy Lexapro.

Lexapro Pregnancy & Breast-feeding Aspects

Lexapro is a pregnancy category C medication. Prior to buying escitalopram online and taking it for the first time, you should bring to your doctor’s notice if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in order not to put your unborn child at risk. The same applies to a breast-feeding aspect.

How You Should Take Lexapro

Before purchasing Lexapro online, you should get familiar with the following tips on Lexapro usage.
1. Never exceed the dose defined for you by your doctor. Always adhere to your prescription guidelines.
2. Lexapro should be taken approximately at the same time once a day.
3. Your symptoms may not necessarily improve after the first Lexapro doses. It may take up to four weeks or even longer before you can feel the result. Do not stop taking the medicine anyway. Continue taking Lexapro till the very end of your treatment.
4. Withdrawal symptoms are possible if you cease treatment all of a sudden. Ask your doctor for a piece of advice on how to properly reduce your dose.

Lexapro Side Effects

Before you buy escitalopram, it is advisable that you look through the list of side effects Lexapro may cause.
If you experience serious symptoms of an allergy such as hives, skin rash, swelling and difficulty breathing as well as heart problems, severe nausea, vomiting, high fever, tremors, unusual behavior, increased sweating, and other symptoms, seek emergency medical attention at once.
Such side effects as tired feeling, drowsiness, insomnia, weight changes, mild constipation, nausea, upset stomach and mild sexual problems are common and will go away on their own.

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